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The highest quality from start to finish!

Success and good results are no coincidence. They are based on well-structured work methods and efficient formulas.

Fast market changes demand a flexible and dynamic approach. Belfort is inventive, flexible and creative. Belfort strives for maximum customer satisfaction and goes to extremes to achieve it. This goal is present in all production units.

Belfort 's machinery is flexible and highly technological. Modern technology combined with individual advice guarantees our customers a unique result. Belfort registers every carrier bag with its own composition of raw materials and its very own production statistics . Starting with the raw material composition up to the test of the final product in the own laboratory - we guarantee constant Belfort quality.

The ultimate test is our customers' appreciation.
Exclusive foils

Pushed by the demand for environment and cost-friendly carrier bags, we have developed four exclusive foils in addition to the standard foils LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE and HDPE:

Belfort Slimline, Belfort DuoVision, Belfort EcoDeco and Belfort CristalClear.

One by one these are quality foils that meet all technical and ecological standards. They are the basis for our final products.

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Four new exclusive foils developed by Belfort.

Foil is up to 25% thinner , so less raw material is used and prices are lower
capacity and strength are unchanged
Lower transport and storage costs, more environment-friendly

Minumum weight, maximum strength.


Emphasise your carrier bags with a double dimension (inside and outside): different colour, matt - shiny, ...
Decorative and special
Extra strength

Unique duo-look.


At least 50% of recycled raw material is used, so more environment-friendly
Less new material, so more economical
Excellent eco-look printing possibilities

ECOlogical, ECOnomical & DECOretive.


Crystal clear foil
Ideal for the fruit and vegetable industry, but also eminently suitable as foil for trendy carrier bags.
Your products are worth looking at.

Transparent, trendy & extra strong.

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